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Opus 22
Andante Spianato in G major 4:12
Grande Polonaise Brillante in E-flat major 9:49
Opus 26
Polonaise No.1 in C-sharp minor 6:55
Polonaise No.2 in E-flat minor 8:01
Opus 40
Polonaise No.1 in A major "Military" 5:30
Polonaise No.2 in C minor 6:34
Opus 44
Polonaise in F-sharp minor "Tragic" 10:40
Opus 53
Polonaise in A-flat major "Heroic" 7:12
Opus 61
Polonaise-Fantaisie in A-flat major 13:23
Now, in early 2022, the Covid pandemic has been raging for two years. Normal life has changed dramatically, especially for artists, who have lost most ensemble work and concert dates. Many have invented new forms of communication and performance, while some, like me, have simply burrowed in and practiced more than ever, learning new repertoire and improving technique. I thought this Polonaise CD would be ready two years ago, but it turns out that I have recorded all the pieces in it three or four times, as each previous one sounded inadequate to me. I hope you enjoy these very special and exciting pieces.